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The Canadian Lung Cancer Association has recently launched a new grant program to help people across Canada afford radon mitigation services.

The Lungs Matter Grant Program  aims to provide financial support to individuals who have been diagnosed with Lung Cancer and individuals considered a low-moderate income housolds with priority given to the low-income houshold.

Canadian Lung Canver Association Radon MItigation Grant:


Home Inspections Coupled with Radon Testing

Alder Creek INspections and Consulting, serving Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, Goderich, Cambridge, Stratford, Woodstock, and areas of South Western Ontario.


During the Home Inspection Process Alder Creek would recomend that an Air Quality Test be completed. Clients actually have no idea when purchasing a home what the previous people had in the house for plants, or pets and other contaminants. 

 Radon testing in homes and places of work is highly recomended. Radon kills in Canada approx 3200 people per year. If you area smoker your chances of getting lung cancer is dramitacaly increases. Radon can be tested fairly easily by contacting Alder CReek to come to your home and place the Radon Monitor for a short term test or a long term test. The long term test will be the more accurate of the tests as it gives a bigger window for testing and gaining data. Radon is prevelent in the southern Ontario markets. Radon is fairly easy to deal with but without a test being completed in your home there is no way to know if your home has an issue with Radon or not. 


Alder Creek has joined forces with Medallion Healthy Homes for the purpose of removing heavy odours from building. Cigarette, pet urine, skunk, cooking odours, dust mites. Can all be removed by the process of Ozone Shock Treatment.



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