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Government Grant Assistance with Mitigation Costs

Lastly, we want to remind you of the details of the Radon Mitigation Grant.  The Canadian Lung Association has a radon mitigation grant of $1500 towards the cost of a radon mitigation system.  This is intended to help homeowners who can't afford radon mitigation.  In order to qualify for this grant, a homeowner must provide a radon report of 91 days duration or longer using an approved device (such as an Alpha track detector - a test using a consumer-grade electronic radon monitor will not qualify ).  Homeowners must apply with a quote from a certified C-NRPP professional prior to getting any work done ,and they must show proof of qualification which includes proof of income below the criteria or lung cancer diagnosis.  I've attached a sheet of easy to print and cut information about the grant.  You can find more information online here:   (the application link is on the red bar).


Requirements for application

- a Radon measuremetn of 91 days or longer using a C-NRPP approved device

-apply with a quote from a C-NRPP professional BEFORE starting the mitigation work 

-Proof of eligibility including proof of income or lung cancer diagnosos




The Canadian Lung Cancer Association has recently launched a new grant program to help people across Canada afford radon mitigation services.

The Lungs Matter Grant Program  aims to provide financial support to individuals who have been diagnosed with Lung Cancer and individuals considered a low-moderate income housolds with priority given to the low-income houshold.

Canadian Lung Canver Association Radon MItigation Grant:






Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Alder Creek Inspections and Consulting

A pre-listing Home Inspection is a home inspection that is completed by for the current owner before they list the property. Essentially, the existing home owner pays for a professional home inspector to provide a report of the condition of their residence. This report is made available to the perspective buyers.

  We belive that the pre-listing home inspection are critical to getting top dollar for your home. 


Reasons for having a pre-listing Home Inspection completed on your home.


#1  Knowing what is wrong with your house before you list gives you the opportunity ti repair the issue so this does not become an issue for the potential buyers.

#2  You cannot accurately price your home unless yu get get a grasp on what is going on with the home.

#3  Try to avoid price re-negotiations post the home inspection

#4  Disclose, disclose, disclose. As a home owner in Ontario, the law requires you make disclosures about the potential things that could impact the value and enjoyment of the home. A pre listing home inspection gives you all the information you need disclose. This process might also help prove what you did and didn't know in the future.

#5  Encourage multiple offers. If you are looking to generate multiple offers, you want to give potential buyers as much comfort as possible. This will help you gain offers with as few or no conditions as possible. If people have to shell out their money to get a home inspection before they submit an offer and aren't guaranteed to get the house, you will likely get fewer offers. Fewer offers likely means a lower selling price. Conducting a pre listing Home Inspectionavailable to would be buyers often gives the purchasers comfort to put in an offer.

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