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The Canadian Lung Cancer Association has recently launched a new grant program to help people across Canada afford radon mitigation services.

The Lungs Matter Grant Program  aims to provide financial support to individuals who have been diagnosed with Lung Cancer and individuals considered a low-moderate income housolds with priority given to the low-income houshold.

Canadian Lung Canver Association Radon MItigation Grant:


Radon Potential

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Radon Testing

Over the last few months I have had the opportunity to test several homes in area's of Waterloo Region and surrounding. The Radon Content in Waterloo Region and surrounding areas show consistant with the Ontario map which was supplied by Health Canada. Every home has Radon. The key is the amount of Radon Content in the soils under the homes and building we live and work in. The threshold limit for Radon according to health Canada is 200Bq/m3. The lowest test I have completed wa 27Bq/m3. The highest is well beyond the 200 Bq/m3 limit. Radon is directly related to approx 3200 deaths per year in Canada alone. All the tests I have completed show only one falls into the gaurded category. The balance fall into the high and elevated areas. The tests should be completed in areas of concrete slab - soil contact, and where people and pets live in these areas for 4 or more hours per day.

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