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The Canadian Lung Cancer Association has recently launched a new grant program to help people across Canada afford radon mitigation services.

The Lungs Matter Grant Program  aims to provide financial support to individuals who have been diagnosed with Lung Cancer and individuals considered a low-moderate income housolds with priority given to the low-income houshold.

Canadian Lung Canver Association Radon MItigation Grant:


Raising Radon Awareness

Basic Radon Facts

Being exposed to Radiation due to elevated levels of radon gas increases a person's chance of developing lung Cancer.

Smokers who are exposed to elevated levels of radon have an even greater chance of developing lung cancer than if they are just smokers.

 According to Health Canada's survey some regions in Canada have up to 44% of the homes above the guideline. Radon is present in every building, but the concentration is higher in some.

Though most of the surveys have been done in homes, Radon is also present in workplaces and commercial buildings.


Building Codes

The current National Building Code requires measures to ensure that cost effective steps are taken at the time of construction to ensure that the effective Radon Mitigation can be installed in the future, if testing reveals unacceptable levels of Radiation due to Radon gas inside the home.

The Code Includes

- Gravel layer under the slab

- Sealed slab edges

- Sealed sump pit

- Well sealed membrane around the foundation, all posts and all entry points

- Rough in pipe


These Measures Do Not Fix Radon. They will make an active radon mitigation system quieter, more efficient, and more effective. If a post occupancy radon test reveals the presence of high Radon the system requires activation by a       C-NRPP certified Radon Professional.

For This Code To Be Effective:

- Homeowners need to know they still have to test for Radon and activate the system if they have high levels by having a C-NRPP professional activate the system.

- The code needs to be adopted by the province and municipality

- The code needs to be enforced by the building inspectors

- The builders need to understand what the measures are and why they are required.


Homeowners also need to be aware that:

- They need these measures for their home

- They need to TEST their home for Radon once they move in, as these measures don't fix Radon, they are the rough-in for a full active system, if radon levels are elevated.


Protecing Low-Income Canadians

- Providing grants or access to low interest loans would help Canadians access the finances they need to make their home safe.

- Ensuring LAndlords test theri homes before being granted a rental licence will ensure that tenants are protected.

- Cahnges to the labour Code to ensure that Canadian Workplaces are tested and made Radon Safe.


Make sure builders in your community know and follow the current National Building Code.




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